Staying Safe

The CSRI’s aim is to provide simple, clear information on how to keep your money and your information secure online.

We are now in an information age and crime has evolved to exploit that development. Whereas once criminals stole cash, now they have found a new market in information whether it be bank and credit card details or company databases and intellectual property.

Our mission is to help people and businesses deal with that trend by identifying the information that is crucial to their success and protecting it.

As one insurance company said to us: ‘People will insure an expensive object if it’s worth over a £1m without a second thought, but won’t give a second thought to identifying, protecing and insuring data worth many millions to them or their business. It’s odd.’

We hope our security categories in the right-hand column of the website cover the areas that concern you and would like to hear from you if there are issues that you think we should add.

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