The CSRI was created to increase public understanding of computer security and to promote awareness of the central role that it now plays in all of our lives, in protecting our money, our businesses, our privacy and the systems that we now depend upon.

In line with this aim the CSRI provides easily understood media materials that are intended to lay out the issues for politicians, journalists, policy makers, businesses and the general public in ways that allow them to readily understand why cyber security matters to each and every one of us.

These materials are generated using CSRI’s unrivalled access to the leading experts in the area. Using journalists who are experts in the field the CSRI develops audio, video and written materials produced to national newspaper and broadcasting standard that are intended to convey in a clear and unsensationalised fashion the problems that poor computer security causes in the Information Age.

In line with our policy of educating and informing we make the most important information available free of charge, while access to detail on our articles and the findings of our reports and more in-depth investigations we provide to the members of the CSRI for a small annual charge to cover the costs of developing these resources.

Our eventual aim is to make all of the information on the site freely available however we are unable to do that until we are able to cover our costs through advertising and sponsorship.

Membership of the CSRI is on a per person basis and runs at £49.95p for six months or £69.95p for a year.

Members are entitled to access all of the content on the CSRI website and are able to apply to attend CSRI events, conferences and our regular dining club which feature Editor’s lunches which occur every two months, the Editorial Board dinners which take place once every three months and the Institute Dinner which takes place once every six months.