Forthcoming Webinar on Protecting Personal Data


ID therefore I am: In the information age has the time finally come for encryption to run on all personal computing devices?

The CSRI’s inaugural webinar examines the issues raised by the flood of personal data now being shed from the technology devices we use in our everyday lives that provide an unprecedented amount of data about us.

From computers to sat-navs and USB sticks, in the information age we now shed data in the same way we do skin, a digital DNA that allows us to be readily cloned by criminals.

According to the CSRI’s latest report ‘The Ghosts from the machines’ – now the basis for a BBC Science film – the time has come for the deployment of basic encryption by the technology industry to protect both consumers and businesses.

Just how much data we throw out is staggering 15.1 million gigabytes a year in the UK on discarded hard drives.


7pm,  February 9th, 2012

Co-hosted with:

The Independent

Royal Holloway

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Fred Piper, Emeritus Professor Royal Holloway and Owner, Codes & CIphers Ltd.

Simon Davies, Director of Privacy International


  •     Bruno Brunskill, company secretary, Information Assurance Advisory Council
  •     Professor Andy Jones, Program Chair for MSc. at Khalifa University, Chief Researcher at BT, Visiting Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University
  •     Len Hynds, former head of the UK’s first National High Tech Crime Unit
  •     Professor Andrew Blyth, Head of the Information Security Research Group & GSC-CSIRT at the Faculty of Advanced Technology (FAT), University of Glamorgan. Professor Blyth is one the leading researchers in Information Security in the UK.





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