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Over the past few years, data loss has rocketed to the top of IT chiefs’ agenda. This hardly represents an unfamiliar new challenge for IT – rather it’s a recognisable business concern that has been given added impetus. And the reason data loss has become such a hot button topic is because of the corrosive impact that data loss is having on firms.

Previously, data loss incidents were frowned upon, then quickly forgotten.
Today, the threat of criminals stealing corporate secrets, or customers having
their identities stolen means that the financial cost of data loss has risen
sharply. And organisations’ reputations – painstakingly crafted over the years – are trashed in an instant.
There is not an organisation today that doesn’t need to be alive to the risks of
data loss. High profile incidents, such as the release of millions of top-secret
documents to whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, have demonstrated that even government, military and diplomatic secrets can quickly be siphoned off.

Dimension Data Data Leakage Prevention White Paper August 2011

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